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Bundle of 5 Pocket Nappies

Bundle of 5 Pocket Nappies

£80.95 Regular Price
£76.90Sale Price

This Bundle contains 5 of our onesize pocket nappies and 10 Bamboo Terry inserts (i.e. 2 per nappy)


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Pocket Nappy Quick Guide;


  •  Fits from just after birth to potty training (i.e. 9lb – 35lb)


  • Money saving and eco-conscious as nappy fully adjustable so will fit your baby as they grow, no need to buy more nappies!


  •  Comfortable Soft stay dry layer to keep baby comfortable and dry


  •  Quick drying Comes with 2 highly absorbent yet quickly dried Bamboo Terry inserts


  •  Easy to use popper fastening (inc. hip stability popper to ensure a perfect and secure fit)


  •  Maximum leak protection as each nappy has an internal double gusset and tummy panel 


  • Slim Fitting - No bulky nappy with our super slim inserts


  •  Waterproof, yet breathable, super soft outer material


  •  Each nappy has a beautiful and limited edition print


  •  Easy to wash and as quick drying as possible, to help reduce the need for extra energy costs