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Bamboo/Cotton insert

Bamboo/Cotton insert


70% bamboo 30% cotton insert


Super thirsty


Fast absorption


Quick drying




    Bamboo/Cotton is a great combination for both fast and thirsty absorption. Ideal for older babies and toddlers, who tend to release a lot of pee in one go!


    Also a great addition for some extra absorbency when you need it (for example, long car journeys, or heavy wetters) without adding bulk!


    This combination also ensures they are soft and breathable to ensure maximum comfort for your baby.


    Please note; These are not the same as the Bamboo Terry inserts that come with our pocket nappies


    Use; We recommend a minimum of 3 washes before first use to optimise absorbency. Then simply place the insert into the pocket of the nappy and let it do it’s work. Remove from nappy when finished and when you’re ready wash