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Many answers to frequently asked questions, are contained either in our info section or on our blog! But we have put some simple answers to the most common ones here;

Why use cloth nappies?

The average baby uses 3600 disposable nappies in their lifetime. Cloth nappies can be reused over and over again, and even used on subsequent children or sold preloved. That's a lot of waste saved from going to landfill!

Not only that but cloth nappies use less energy, less materials and less resources than disposable nappies. A recent government studied showed that even if you tumble dry, cloth nappies still reduce your carbon footprint by 25% (so even more if you line dry!)

Used smartly, cloth nappies can also save you a substantial amount of money compared to disposables.


Cloth nappies also tend to be gentler on baby’s skin, helping prevent things like nappy rash


And aside for the practical reasons, what baby doesn’t look adorable in a beautiful, colourful print!?

What is a onesize nappy?

A one size nappy is a nappy that is adjustable and therefore grows with your baby. It means that you do not have to purchase new nappies every time your baby grows. Which is not only money-saving, but better go the environment.

What is a pocket nappy?

A pocket nappy is a nappy with a pocket at the back where you place inserts and/or boosters and these provide the absorbency for the nappy. They are therefore fully customisable as you can add in inserts/boosters to suit your baby’s needs.

What is an All in One nappy?

An All in One nappy has the absorbency already built-in, so you have everything you need already attached to the nappy. Our All in Ones also have a pocket to allow you to add more absorbency, if you need to.

How many nappies do we need?

We find 15 nappies is a good starting point for day-time use. Whether you need more will depend on you circumstances. 

Do you offer a night time nappy?

Not yet! We do plan to release a night time nappy, but we are a small, family run business and it wasn’t within our initial budget to design a night time nappy without compromising on quality. As quality is our number one priority, we decided to wait until we could provide you with the reliable night time nappy we envisioned, rather than rush this step. Stay tuned!

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries you have. Please contact us using our chat feature or email us at

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