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Our Warranty



We truly believe in the quality of our cloth nappies and therefore, offer a full 12 month warranty



Warranty is non-transferable. Proof of purchase is required to claim.



We will endeavour to replace the same product that you bought, but this may not always be possible if stock lines have been discontinued. The product may also be a different print to the original one you purchased.



Terms and Conditions



Claims covered by our warranty;



Manufacturing faults involving the snaps, stitching and PUL



Claims NOT Covered by warranty (Not limited to)



  • Normal wear and tear for example, pilling, staining, fading, balding/holes in natural fibres, relaxed elastics

  • Leaks - This is because leaks are usually an issue caused by not having the proper fit or enough absorbency and are therefore not covered by the warranty. However, please don’t hesitate contact us for troubleshooting if you are having issues, we want to help!

  • Excessive wear and tear

  • Print placement - From time to time, print placement will differ very slightly, this is an unavoidable part of the manufacturing process and is not covered under warranty



Not following appropriate care instructions will void your warranty.


For example;

  • Washing above 40 degrees

  • Soaking

  • Using bleach or fabric softeners

  • Accidental damage e.g. Accidently boil washing

  • Snags

  • Any type of modification i.e.. cutting off labels, adding of poppers



Please contact us at start the claim process. Please include your name, order number, date of purchase, proof of purchase and pictures of the issue.

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